is a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) entity formed by Governmental Sector, Academia Sector, Private Sector.


Subscribers of SHOA comprise of Public or Private scientific centers including Universities, Educational entities, Health centers, Hospitals, Research institutes, Libraries, Theological seminary and NGO’s.

IRAN NREN 3rd generation

In 2016, the Information Technology Organization of Iran (ITO) along with the Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST) started a new Co-Operation to revise the NREN.It became a necessity to build a new sense of trust with the customers.

Project’s description

SHOA is an independent network which connects all Scientific, Educational, Health and Research centers through Dark Optical Fiber. This network is capable of connecting to others authorized NRENs around the world. SHOA presents its job on full electronic platform.

The first operator of communication, telecommunication and value added content

The network of scientific experts is the first telecommunication, telecommunication and value added services provider of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which operates fully and completely based on specific operational cycles. On this basis, subscribers carry out all their requirements, whether they require service or troubleshoot problems, electronically and through the system.

The Goals of scientific network of Iran - 3rd generation


Value-Added Services and Software


General Services and Software


Infrastructure Services and Software


Cloud Data Center

Scientific Networks

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