Project Vista

SHOA has a new approach in developing services. Although, this is a universal outlook in the world NRENs at the present time, SHOA has put aside the Provider/Customer model. The connection points (Customers) are not just a service receiving point anymore and all connections to the network, could be service receiving and service presenter at times. In the operational model of SHOA, these are points in the network that while receiving service, they could present services to other customers. In General, this model has two totally independent services:

  • Services provided by the Operator as an Infrastructure Services
  • Vast Services provided by Others

In the first method, the operator is bound to design and classify tariffs the infrastructure services and basic facilities for the customer. These services are just establishing connection and simultaneous service of customer with the network. At this point, no Value-Added Service exist, even services such as Internet not available in this model.

In the second method, not only the operator, but all of the SHOA customers could create and distribute services in the network and make other customers of their own. This kind of service orientation, undoubtedly generates 3 effective hallmarks for sustainability and development of the network.

  • First, in this model, all of the network customers become beneficiary is its continuity and try to upgrade the network.
  • Secondly, this model will put an end to any kind of monopolization in the network and create a dynamic space for developing ideas where universities and research institutes are the best place to do. Fresh idea will be powered into the service space of the network.
  • Finally, any point in the network could have earning along using the services provided to them. Nowadays, no one could imagine to have a network with no earning space, especially in the vast information mines that exist. So making a decent earning while using services is an opportunity that is provided by SHOA.


  • Developing the needed infrastructure for I.R. IRAN Scientific Master Plan
  • Developing the Science Economics Ecosystem
  • Sustainable revenue through scientific content production
  • Changing Universities and Research Institutes Cost-Benefit Ratio
  • Converting on-way model of Customer-Network to two-way Customer-Customer / Customer-Network


In addition to communication services, SHOA will provide what follows:

  • VASS: Value-Added Services and Software
  • GSS: General Services and Software
  • ISS: Infrastructure Services and Software
  • CDC: Cloud Data Center

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