SHOA – Who we are?

SHOA (Iran National Research and Education Network (NREN)) is a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) entity formed by

  • Governmental Sector: Information Technology Organization of Iran (ITO) on behalf of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology
  • Academia Sector: Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST) on behalf of the Ministry of Science, Research & Technology (MSRT)
  • Private Sector: Seemorgh System Company (SeemSys) as an investor for designing, development, maintenance and sale of SHOA services.

    لوگوی شبکه علمی ایران
    ساختمان ستادی:
    تهران ، خیابان بهشتی ، خیابان مفتح شمالی ، پلاک 390
    تلفن: 3-9361 8874 (21) 98+

    امور مشتریان و مدیریت شبکه:
    تهران ، خیابان انقلاب ، خیابان شهید موسوی (فرصت سابق) ، پلاک 27
    تلفن: 3006 8882 (21) 98+
    فکس: 3007 8882 (21) 98+